Making Your Own Job

What's this site about?  Am I in the right place?

This site is intended to explore all aspects of making your own job - that is, earning a living without working for somebody else.

It's intended for two kinds of people - either those who have not been successful in finding a job that they like, or for those who have a job but aspire to something more - something where they don't have to be constrained by corporate bureaucracies, hour long commutes, and compensation decided by someone else.

Dave HannaI'm Dave Hanna.  While I have worked for someone else, for most of my adult life I've had desires to have my own company, and to be able to make a living in a way that did not require me to ask anybody’s permission, or to persuade somebody to hire me, and to make a living in a capacity where I could not be fired. I've explored a lot of different avenues for that at different times in my life, and I will use some of those experiences as background for some topics.  Other topics, I will research.