You Gotta Do The Work

I was motivated once again by an email from Mack Michaels.  I won’t include the whole thing, but I’ll paraphrase and excerpt from it, because what he says is so obvious, but we forget it so often.

“Did you know that there is one thing and one thing only that you MUST do in order to [achieve success in your internet business]?”

And then he goes on to retell his story – a story not too different from my own, and maybe yours:

“[I was] dead broke, desperate to find a better way, buying every program under the sun in hopes that I would find the “silver bullet” that would catapult me to overnight success. 

I spent thousands of dollars.

Thousands I didn’t have…

 Dozens of programs, memberships and
mentoring programs I signed up for and
guess what …

Not a single one made me a millionaire…

Well, I forgot one crucial step.

I forgot to actually do the work.

It wasn’t until I was on my last dollar (literally) and had lost my job that I finally took the time to follow the simple steps in those programs.

All it took was spending a few days hyper-focused on what I was learning to have the “breakthrough” I needed to start my entrepreneurial career.

Isn’t that the truth? There is no “magic bullet” in this or any other field of endeavor that will instantly make us a success. You gotta do the work!

Mack’s Maverick Money Makers program is one that will help by giving you training and a path to follow. But there are many others. Get one, or don’t – just learn it on your own.  But whatever you do, determine to do the work!

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