A Tip: $5 Domain Names

Here’s a quick tip to save you a few dollars if you’re starting up a new site:

The first step in setting up a new site, of course, is getting your domain name.  Most people I have seen writing articles on this will tell you that a “.com” domain name will cost you around $10, and that tends to be the going rate.

But I stumbled on something the other day, and it’s true as of this writing – I don’t know how long it will be true.  Enter the search term “top level domain names” into Google (other search terms may work, too, but I know that one does), and the top three paid ads that it brings up (at the top of the list) offer .com domain names for $4.95.  I have an account with GoDaddy, and I’ve used their offer to get two names now (including this domain). (And your cart may show the going rate of $10 or $11, but it will be marked down when you go to checkout, so don’t worry.  But if not, cancel the transaction, and check with support.)

Their ad says there’s a limit of 3 per person – I haven’t tested it.  I don’t know if that’s 3 at one time, or 3 period.  And I doubt the price will be good when it comes up for renewal in a year, but, hey, it gets you started, right?

(Actually, I just went back and tried a few other things – the search term “domain names” entered into Google brings up an add from www.register.com for $3.95 domain names – I haven’t tried it, so I can’t vouch for it, but you might check it out.  Leave me a comment with your results if you try it.)

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