Getting Internet Traffic – some tips

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to make money on the internet.  You’ve set up an affiliate account with Clickbank, picked out a product (or products), and got your link. Or gone some other root to get a product to market.

Now what? 

The key determiner of success of failure in any approach to internet marketing is your ability to get traffic to your website or link.

This is excerpted from an email I received today from Mike Filsaime, an internet marketing authority. It contains some useful information:

Now for your next step — It’s time to get your traffic rolling in!

Before you start the traffic training though, I want to give you a tip that will save you time, money and energy…

I’ve discovered that most newbies scatter their focus. Even I did when I first started out, so don’t worry if that’s you.

One of the things I wish someone had told me early on was to learn and master 1 traffic source at a time.

In fact, it took me several years to discover this.

I would move from Adwords to SEO to article writing… and so on. But I never got traction on any one source.

By focusing on one source at a time, I found out success came MUCH faster.

So, how do you select just 1 of the four Traffic methods we provided training for?


First, ask yourself if you want to focus on free traffic or paid traffic first.

If you want to start with free traffic, it’s a simple choice. Start out with Article Marketing.

If you want to go the paid route, you need to choose between Facebook, Google Adwords or a wider variety of paid sources that don’t include Google. (The No-Slap traffic system)

They are all great courses, but one will probably appeal to you more than the others. Go with your gut instinct. (It is usually right!)

The main point is FOCUS.

You will never learn how to get all the traffic you want if you bounce around from course to course. Pick one and stick with it because one way or another, you will make mistakes. But the cool part about making mistakes is YOU LEARN VALUABLE LESSONS.

Look, I’ve made about every mistake you could make online at one time or another. But once you decide that making mistakes is acutally VALUABLE FEEDBACK – the game changes.

Suddenly, you start to pick up steam. You learn from each one and build an internal database that will make you so much more effective.

Of course you’ll do things right too. That taste of success will drive you even further.

Then… once you are happy with the results you are getting from that first method, it’s OK to learn another. Repeat the process and learn from your mistakes again and feed off your successes.

If you can focus on one thing at a time, you WILL succeed.


I hope you find that helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment.

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