Using Facebook to get the word out

Facebook, as you probably already know, is a very multi-faceted medium.

But that very fact makes it extremely versatile in spreading the word about the products youare marketing, whether they are affiliate-marketed digital products, physical products, or your own creations.

There are so many different ways to spread the word, from simply posting an announcement on your own wall to a carefully-designed “fan page” for your product.  Here’s just a few examples:

  • Building your network of friends so that more people will read your announcements about your product
  • Finding people in other groups and fan pages that would naturally have an interest in the product your marketing
  • Posting useful content on other group and fan pages so that you become recognized as something of an expert in your field
  • Having your own fan page
  • Sending messages to people that might be interested
  • Responding to people who are making posts about topics related to your product
  • Making helpful posts on your friends’ walls in such a way that they will also be seen by your friends’ friends and spread virally.


I found this CD to be an extremely helpful resource.  Check it out. (It’s free except for a small shipping and handling charge).

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