Welcome to the inaugural post on the site MakingYourOwnJob.com, dedicated to ways to make a living without working for someone else.

There are many people who, or one reason or another, either cannot or would prefer not to work for someone else, i.e., get a salaried job.  This blog is dedicated to them, and providing resources and a discussion forum for them.

I have had desires virtually all of my adult life to have my own company, and to be able to make a living in a way that did not require me to ask anybody’s permission, or to persuade somebody to hire me, and to make a living in a capacity where I could not be fired.  And, as I approach “retirement age”, that desire is becoming a necessity.

There are many advantages to this way of life over the conventional “job”.  We’ll explore some of them in this blog.

One huge advantages of working for yourself is that you get paid what you’re worth, rather than what an employer says you’re worth.  As  Mike Tuttle, a Senior National Sales Director with Primerica, said to me when he introduced me to that concept, “For some people that can be downright scary.”  It means that you actually have to produce some results of value in order to get paid, rather than merely showing up and punching a clock. But for those who are willing to apply themselves productively, and learn and grow, it can be very rewarding.

But how do we find ways to make a living without working for somebody else?  There are many, many ways in which you can work for yourself, and pursue many different activities.  We’re going to have categories for some of them, and different posts will be tagged with those categories.  But there are undoubtedly ways that I haven’t thought of, so if you would like to write about one, please feel free to register and make a post.

Many activities can be done from home, and with limited time. One of those that I will focus a lot on is marketing products via the internet.  There are many different ways that this can be done, and a ton of resources to assist you in doing it.  It can be done from anywhere you can get an internet connection, and in any block of time and at any hour you choose.  Naturally, the results are going to be in proportion to the effort you put into.  It’s not likely you’ll find the “magic solution” that you simply plug in and it runs itself.  But that effort can be put in at a time of your choosing. So it’s ideal for people like moms with young children to care for.  Put the baby down for a nap? Great, you can spend 45 minutes marketing you products.

While it’s always nice to have a lot of money with which to start a business, many of these can be started on a virtual shoe string.  If you have a computer and an internet service, you probably have the minimum requirements to get started.

Give me your feedback and ideas. I welcome comments on these posts and views, but I will be moderating them.  A lot of people use comments on blogs like this simply as a forum for spamming their own content. Don’t bother. If you want your comment approved, make sure to at least have read the post, and add something of value to it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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