There are many people who, or one reason or another, either cannot or would prefer not to work for someone else, i.e., get a salaried job.  This blog is dedicated to them, and providing resources and a discussion forum for them.

I have had desires virtually all of my adult life to have my own company, and to be able to make a living in a way that did not require me to ask anybody’s permission, or to persuade somebody to hire me, and to make a living in a capacity where I could not be fired.  And, as I approach “retirement age”, that desire is becoming a necessity.

There are many advantages to this way of life over the conventional “job”.  We’ll explore some of them in this blog.

Give me your feedback and ideas. I welcome comments onDave Hanna the posts and views on this site, but I will be moderating them.  A lot of people use comments on blogs like this simply as a forum for spamming their own content. Don’t bother. If you want your comment approved, make sure to at least have read the post, and add something of value to it.I look forward to hearing from you.

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